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MySpace New Years Comments

Filed under: Computers and Technology,Entertainment — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:34 am 2007 December 31

In keeping with the times, everyone is making their resolutions, but this year is a little bit different due to social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook. Do a search for MySpace New Years Comments and see what others are saying. It’s not much different from years past except now more people are committing them to paper.. er make that hard disk… er no, make that cyber space. Now you’ve got a global audience to let down when you fall off your KimKins diet, or light up that cigarette: diet and smoking being the two top new years resolutions that soon fall asunder.

The phenomenon of social networking sites does not stop at the two names above. You may not put it in the same category, but in essence, would also be a subset. Did you make resolutions there? Some of these networking sites have utility. is a good example. It makes it easy to share videos across the internet. There are dozens of video sharing websites and each of the major search engines have their own. does the same thing for photos, along with it’s hundreds of copy-cats sites. Copy-cat might not be a fair word since many others existed before Flickr, it’s just that Flickr has the money of Yahoo behind it.

There are hundreds of social networking sites popping up. If you were interested in viewing a short list check:

Facebook Comments

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