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Dominos Pizza goes back to 30 minute Guarantee

Filed under: Business,Law — Tags: , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 3:00 pm 2007 December 26

In 1993, a St. Louis woman was in a traffic crash with a Dominoes driver and sued the company. She settled out of court for a seven figure sum. Rather than risk further lawsuits, Dominoes dropped their promotion where the customer would get a free pizza if not delivered in the 30 minute time frame. Customers would try to thwart efforts for the drivers by turning off their house lights for example.

New advertising will include the tagline “You’ve got 30 minutes.”  It is supposed to demonstrate that a customer has 30 minutes to do anything they want for the approximately thirty minutes it will take to receive their pizza. It does not guarantee delivery in 30 minutes however.

Dominoes Drivers are instructed to drive below the speed limit in all areas, and the only place they are looking to speed up the process is in the Kitchen. That’s according to Dominoes executives. David Brandon, Dominoes CEO says: “I don’t want to be the captain of the ship that goes back into court.”

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  • It is NOT a guarantee! Get your facts straight.

    Comment by KP — 2007 December 29 @ 4:08 pm

  • Just ordered two large Supreames, hand tossed crust and they got here in like 32 minutes. The quality is excellent, piping hot and I don’t see how the hell they do it. How can you make this stuff so fast and deliver it? Anywhere even close to 30 minutes seems plenty reasonable to me. I am very satisfied.

    Comment by Paul — 2008 January 26 @ 9:36 pm

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