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Amazing new technology reduces Heating bills by up to 50% -Sort Of

Filed under: Energy — Tags: , , , , , , — Paddy Wallbouncer @ 11:38 am 2007 December 21

There is advertising for a new box that its makers claim to reduce your heating bills by 50%. Among other claims, they use the fact that they hired Paul Harvey to do a commercial telling of the benefits of this very expensive space heater.

Some of the Ads tell how the Mantles are being created by Amish craftsmen. The feeling these ads seem to by trying to convey is that they have credible and even religious sources backing their claim. In essence they seem to be saying, if you don’t think Paul Harvey is not a credible source, how about you believe that a well known religious group believes in our product?

In recent months the advertising has altered. In the beginning they told how you could save 50% on your heating bill. All through the ad it tells how you can save this money, but then explains later how the user must alter the quality of their environment by turning down the regular heating in the dwelling and using amazing new “space heater” in the areas they are occupying.

It is a good energy saving practice to turn down the heat and use a portable heater to heat the area that you are occupying, but you sdon’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on these particular heaters to get the same or at least a similar cost saving result.

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