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A quick Investigation into the health benefits of high pH Water

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Higher pH water is supposed to be good for you. Makers can quote this link from the National Institutes of Health.


But would drinking high pH water be any different than dissolving tums in distilled water? This is a link arguing the position against high pH water, saying it is basically a waste of money and potentially harmful:


The author of the link is associated with this organization:




It is important to point out The conclusions were based on tests done In vitro, meaning high pH water in a test tube with human pepsin, not in a human body. the information points this out fairly clearly. Pub Med endorses the practice of consuming high pH water because it may alleviate symptoms of reflux. Barring any unforeseen conspiracy, the take-away seems to be that high pH water may have some value, and would be worth a try only if you have acid stomach or reflux problems.


If you’re one who think changing the pH levels of your intake might help, the National Insitutes of Health almost gives a recipe for making your own high pH water in this short abstract:


They seem to endorse adding bicarbonate directly to the diet. That would seem a tad less expensive than purchasing water that cost between $4 to 30 per gallon, but there is always something to be said for convenience and sanitation control.

Fine, but I only eat unicorn poop

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Seriously, If this video was not on theFutonPoncho, We’d have to pay a fine or something.

Godzilla thought to have created rising sea levels across the globe

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Following  is the blog post from NASA that some “news outlets” are using for their alarmist headlines.

Here’s a key quote:
“The good news is that Antarctica is not currently contributing to sea level rise, but is taking 0.23 millimeters per year away,” Zwally said. “But this is also bad news. If the 0.27 millimeters per year of sea level rise attributed to Antarctica in the IPCC report is not really coming from Antarctica, there must be some other contribution to sea level rise that is not accounted for.”

Since 1992 Sea levels have risen 74 mm.

What’s making the water go higher if not melting ice from the Polar Caps? Godzilla Maybe?


When you’re finished with that you might want to check out:  Aug. 26, 2015 Warming Seas and Melting Ice Sheets”  This is the source for the 1992-present sea level rise mentioned above.

The First Baseball Game – Full Version

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Disturbing New Facts Discovered In The Bible? If you know the Bible you might find this amusing: According to this six minute audiofile, Jesus is certainly winning.

Fukushima Video Explains Devastating World Impact

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This Fukushima video explains the devastating World Impact, and the new extreme clear and present danger in which all humans live in 2013. Since we have advanced so much since the 1950’s isn’t it time to try something else? If this video is to be believed, it may be too late already.

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